Essence of You


Are you ready to live from your heart, and bring more love and joy into your life?

By following the step by step guided practices in this 12 week course, you’ll be empowered with the skills to connect back to you at any time, regardless of what is going on in your life.  On this journey, you’ll be smiling on the inside and outside as you activate your inner kindness, where you’ll find more clarity, trust yourself more and know that you are enough.



You know those moments when you feel alive, inspired and free?  Perhaps it’s moments like watching a sunset, travelling, painting, getting excited by a new idea, dancing in your living room, or laughing with loved ones.

These wild, unique, and varied experiences light you up, fill you with love, excitement, and contentment.  They connect you to yourself in such a powerful way, that you feel genuine appreciation for the gift of life.  This feeling is so wonderful, you want to hold onto it and never let it go.

These moments make us feel that life is worthwhile and they inspire us to dream, create, and grow into the best version of ourselves.  It’s in these moments that you’re connecting to the essence of you, and that’s what you’ll find in this course.

This 12 week course will give you:

  • A range of practices that guide you to connect to your inner essence
  • Tools and strategies to support and inspire you
  • Ideas, tips and stories to encourage and motive you on your journey
  • Content that you can print to have on hand any time you need
  • Less stress and more joy in the present moment

You don’t have to wait for everything in your life to be perfect. You can start today!