“The world changes when we change our perspective”

– Unknown

Have you ever been to a storytelling event where you get the chance to be entertained, while at the same time, discover your own inner storyteller? That’s what the monthly Storytelling sessions at the RAW Garden are all about. Last Sunday, Dee facilitated an incredible afternoon using the theme, perspective. 

The session began by retelling a fairytale through the eyes of a different character. In our case, we took Little Red Riding Hood and had a closer look from the Grandmother’s point of view. It turns out that maybe she’s not that frail after all. She was quite the liberated feminist who inspired her granddaughter through knowledge filled conversations. Oh, and the wood cutter, well, she had a different kind of fun with him…

It was through asking a string of whys about each element of the story that we were able to imagine and see things from a fresh perspective. This 3 letter word showed us how easy it is to create fresh possibilities and open up a whole new world of unconsidered ideas. From fairytales to reality, we shared stories of when we’ve gained a new perspective on life. You can’t help but walk away with a new understand and appreciation of life from these inspired and insightful events. 

Some of my greatest ideas and new perspectives come when I’ve packed my bags and are off exploring the world. How do you like to gain a fresh perspective of things? 

With Love,