“Balance is not something you find. It’s something you create.”

– Unknown –

We’ve had some gorgeous warm days in Melbourne recently, which has made for perfect beach nights.  Watching the moment the sun farewelled the day was just as incredible as the hour that followed.  On these clear nights, nature put on a spectacular light show that was reflected on the water.  The breathtaking view seemed to change by the minute.

I wasn’t alone, the beach was packed and laughter filled the air.  Time slowed down and it was as if the holidays had started all over again.  I went home feeling alive and refreshed and it reminded me how easy and important it is to create those mid-week holiday vibes on a regular basis.    

If you feel like your days are running on repeat and life doesn’t feel as fun and inspiring as you’d like, then gently remind yourself that it doesn’t take much to change things up.  It can be as simple as diving into a DIY project at home, playing cards or a board game, eating by candlelight, taking your dinner to a park or going to a class or talk that interests you.  And if you’re super stuck for ideas, try switching off your tv for a week and see what inspiration comes to you. 

It’s so satisfying noticing how you feel every time you do the things you truly love.   

Enjoy creating more of those mid-week holiday moments. 
With love,