“Tears come from the heart and not the brain.”

Leonardo da Vinci

I’ll be honest with you, these last two weeks have been emotional!  This might be a surprise to some of you, for others, you’ll already be nodding as I tell you that I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  If there’s a cry about to happen, for me, try as I might, there’s no holding it back.  Let me explain. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I wrote my newsletter to launch my program.  This was while I was in a cafe.  I’m so sentimental that I went back to the place where I’d crafted so much of my course to put the finishing touches together.  Next, I cried when I actually launched, those salty drops kept welling up as people congratulated me and again when Essence of You began being purchased. 

Anyone would think I was sad!!! Between all these teary moments though, I’ve found myself smiling and feeling an incredible sense of joy.  As I noticed and embraced this unexpected emotion, I acknowledged two things.  One, that my Essence of Youcourse was a long time coming. I’d seen it evolve from it’s first draft, which was originally a book, written all those years ago, to what it’s become today.  And two, it’s a program created with a whole lot of love.  As excited and proud as I am, that this course is making it’s first steps into the world, I had to allow myself the time and space to roll with my emotions. 

I’ve learnt to love my tears and hope that you do too (love your tears, I mean, not mine). They come from a place where at times, we might not be able to explain them. Just know that they have a story of their own and it’s your heart needing to express itself.