Welcome to Diving for Pearls!

Learn a step-by-step framework that will change the way you journal and is designed to inspire your everyday life.

Diving for Pearls

Transformational Journal Writing

An easy to follow, step-by-step way of looking after your emotional health.

Transform stress and process your emotions in a healthy way.

Feel grounded and clear, every time you journal!

Learn this wholesome framework in a way that suits you. 

Get started today with the online course and learn at your own pace. 

Or, Come for a free Journal Taster (via zoom) and Experience this Guided Framework Alongside a Community of Journal Writers. 

What you’ll get out of the Diving For Pearls Journal Writing Course:

A skill for life!

Think of this process as your own compass, helping you navigate life’s ups and downs.

It’s a self-reflective tool, available to guide and support you wherever you are, any time, any place.

It will help when your mind feels crowded, to deal with difficult emotions, and free you when you feel stuck. You’ll learn to become kinder towards yourself as you problem solve and move forward in grounded, curious and playful ways. 

The course contains

This journal writing framework frees you to be your authentic self

It’s important to have tools to process thoughts and emotions in a healthy way (no more bottling things up). Connect to your inner wisdom, make wonderful shifts and changes and experience more clarity and joy in your everyday life.

Step-by-step journalling will support, surprise and delight you

It can be tricky to get the best out of a journal session without a framework. Clear steps take the thinking out of how to journal so that you can be guided, in a transformational way, to freely feel, learn and grow.

It can feel hard to sit with challenging emotions 

Often, we haven’t been taught how to be with and work through our uncomfortable emotions. They can feel so daunting we tend to avoid them (even though avoidance takes way more mental energy).

With this process, you’ll discover how quickly you can move through something that feels challenging, stressful or uncomfortable into feeling grounded and grateful.

 Enjoy easy to follow steps

With this process, everyone can journal: from absolute beginners to journal writers who want to deepen their practice.

I love my journalling sessions with Ingrid! Having the guided structure for journalling is so beneficial for me and helps keep me on task. I find the journalling so useful for unravelling my thoughts and easing anxiety. Thank you Ingrid! I never would have thought I would enjoy journalling so much.

Aoife McLoughlin

What a life changing experience! My first journal session with Ingrid was the beginning of a new way of connecting with myself. Diving For Pearls journalling is a simple but powerful exercise, it opens doorways and creates positive change in your life through a journey of self discovery.

Dave Woods

Great journalling session. It took my journalling from aimless to meaningful. Definitely value for money.

Paula Pidcock

Journaling will:

How you think and feel about yourself and the world around you impacts all areas of your life.

Journalling is a way of sorting through your own thoughts and emotions, giving yourself the opportunity to heal and come home to you.

When you feel grounded, calm, inspired and clear, you make good decisions for yourself and those around you, sending ripples of love and kindness out into the world.  That’s where true change begins.

Say yes to your wellbeing. Come and journal with me!