Friends of the Journal Community

It’s time to share the love. Relish extra support through journalling during Melbourne’s mini lockdown.

As the friend of a current Journal Community member, you’re invited to journal with us.

Three pop up journal sessions:

15th, 16th & 17th of February, 2021 @ 8am AEDT


“This journal writing process has been a motivator, life-saver, healer, a continual stress release and so much more during the roller coaster ride of last year.

Join One, Two or All Three Online Sessions

Individual sessions are $15 (usually $35)

All three for $30


If the session times below don’t suit, head to the Journal Workshop page and for this week only, use the coupon code: FRIENDS to receive 50% off a workshop.

When your wellbeing is your priority, you become more productive, empowered and end up having a whole lot more fun along the way. 

More info on the workshop page.

With this journal process you will have:

Live Online Sessions

5-Step Guided process

Qualifed Life-Coach

Community Support