Online Journal Writing Course

You have the answers within you!

Move from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to grounded and grateful in a short amount of time.

This journal writing process will support you to navigate life’s ups and downs and will inspire you through your insights and self-discoveries.

Diving For Pearls 

An online, 90-minute journal writing course, delivered via a series of short videos.

Apply the process as you learn it step-by-step.

  • Gain a skill for life
  • Check-in with yourself in a wholesome way
  • Be free to embrace your thoughts and emotions
  • De-stress, reset and be inspired to get on with life (every time you use this process)
  • Become kinder towards yourself
  • Experience more clarity, peace and joy

Once the course is completed, and you are familiar with the process, subsequent journal sessions will take less than 30 minutes.

I have journalled at various stages throughout my life. However, it has always been in response to a difficult situation or emotion, more of a release than a gaining of some self-awareness. Ingrid’s journalling process has given me the structure and guidance that I have been looking for. From the first step of letting it all out, through to my favourite, the third step, of finding the “hidden gem”, I never cease to be amazed by the “lightbulb” moments, big or small, that invariably occur. The more regularly that I journal, the better my week, the more “gems” that I find. Ingrid’s process and her careful guidance have brought about healing for me, and a much better understanding and management of my thought processes. Highly recommended.

Fran Williamson

Ingrid’s Diving For Pearls journal process has been a wonderful support for me during the last 12 months. Right from the very first workshop I was able to use the process to uncover useful insights that fueled my personal growth. I quickly joined Ingrid’s weekly journal community and have loved every session. She creates a beautiful space for us to explore what’s on our mind and connect with others in the community. Ingrid truly has a gift for helping people through journalling, thanks so much for sharing it!

Samantha Garrett

Ingrid’s journal process is a gift – for reflection, clarity and empowerment. Her gentle, thoughtful approach has changed me (is still changing me): I am more engaged, forgiving, courageous, content… and loving! So much to appreciate: fabulous Ingrid and her online community, stimulating themes, and an effective journalling tool so easily practised. Thanks, Ingrid.

Glenys Hodgson