Welcome to the online Journal Community!

Connect and be inspired as part of this unique, intergenerational wholesome, genuine, empowering community.

Calming, Restorative, Enlightening and Healing.

A Celebration of Personal Growth.

When you make a change, even in the smallest way, you change your world, creating a ripple effect and endless possibilities.

Join the online Journal Community!

Choose one of the 3 options that work for you

Drop in journal Session

Drop in Anytime for a one off journal Session

Journal and connect with a vibrant, caring, thoughtful community of like-minded people when the timing is right. 

Journal Community

Weekly Live Session plus Guided Videos

Each month, for a fraction of the price of a single therapy session (less than two coffees a week), you’ll get a life changing return!

Guided Journal Video 

Weekly Guided Journal Video 

For $5 a week, enjoy the goodness and inspiration from the weekly community sessions, but journal at a time that suits you.

As a member of the Journal Community, you will have…

  • Access to a weekly group journaling session
  • A new video sent out each week, guiding and supporting your home practice
  • A qualified coach guiding live, online journaling sessions
  • A regular opportunity to take much needed time for you
  • An empowering community of like-minded people
  • The right amount of support, inspiration, accountability and motivation to keep you moving forward

There’s so much goodness to be enjoyed.

As part of this community, you will…

  • Give yourself time for your personal growth on a regular basis – reset and gain a fresh perspective
  • Develop confidence to embrace, and be inspired by, your own positive change, one step at a time
  • Create ongoing opportunities to return to that wonderful feeling of being most “you”
  • Be part of a caring and accepting community
  • Know that whatever you’re working through, you are not alone
  • Have a sense of belonging as together we learn and grow
  • Be inspired to develop self-kindness – the magic ingredient for so many good things!


The Journal Community is here to support you and your wellbeing

What happens inside the journal community…

We meet on a weekly basis, to connect and journal from the comfort of our own home.

The live online sessions are run on a Saturday morning.  They are facilitated by Ingrid Jones, a qualified life coach and the creator of Diving for Pearls: Journaling for Self-Discovery.   

The journaling sessions begin with a story. Ingrid then takes everyone through her step-by-step journaling process, after which we enjoy a short guided meditation and have a chat. 

Connecting with like-minded people is empowering – why would you want to miss it? 

We leave the session with a spring in our step, inspired by our new insights, eager to enjoy another great day.  

Joining the Journal Community is easy: there’s no contract and you can cancel at any time. 

For less than the price of a coffee and muffin, you can experience, each week, sessions that focus on You and Your Personal Growth.