“Kindness that catches us by surprise brings out the best in our natures.”

– Bob Kerrey

Two interesting things happened to me in this last week. One afternoon, I was happily writing in a cafe. As the person at the table beside me left, I noticed that his jacket was slumped over the chair. Without giving it a second thought, I grabbed the jacket and in perfect timing, met him at the door on his way out. Now, I know this act of kindness is not out of the ordinary, and I did what anyone else would have done. What surprised me though, was how good I felt as I sat back down at my table. All of a sudden I felt even more alive and was beaming.

And then, a couple of days later, a card arrived (not from the guy with the forgotten jacket), it was an unexpected gift and its sole purpose was to send me love. And let me tell you, the love was well and truly received. It not only made my day, but also reminded me the fun that that comes from our good old fashioned snail mail.

It was beautiful to feel the same sense of joy, that warm and fuzzy feeling from both moments, a spontaneous act of kindness that I did or that was given to me.

How can you keep shaking up your day with kindness? Whether you surprise a stranger or your nearest and dearest, notice how absolutely wonderful you feel.

Kindness. It’s the best.

With love,