Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day

– Unknown

“What are your highlights of the day?” A friend and I often ask each other. Talking about our highlights begins a wonderful and interesting conversation that captures the inspiring, beautiful, simple and special moments of the day. It’s in these conversations that anecdotes of love, appreciation and joy are shared.

It can be easy to focus on the stressful, challenging or negative aspects of a day and pour them onto others with the first available opportunity. Whenever I do this however, it never feels great and seems to perpetuate a stressful and negative feeling. Reminiscing with others on the moments in a day that light us up creates a positive space for sharing that is always an absolute delight.

No matter what is happening in your world, there is always something good that can be found in each and every day. Enjoy noticing the wonderful moments in your day. Have fun sharing these moments with those in your life by first asking them about the highlights of their day. Tell me a moment of goodness or a highlight that you’ve experienced in your day. It’s a wonderful conversation that I’d love to share with you.

With love,