Move Your Mind with Nick Bracks, Episode 133

Ingrid Jones: Self Reflection

In this episode, Nick Bracks and I chat about the goodness that comes from self-reflection. Self-reflection can guide you through life’s complexities, allowing you to uncover hidden truths and insights amidst thoughts, emotions and experiences. It’s a mirror that reveals your authentic self, helping you to work through fears, celebrate achievements and cultivate self-awareness. This ongoing inner dialogue fosters growth, recognition of patterns and embracing imperfections with self-compassion. It aligns you with purpose, empowering continuous self-discovery. Listen on Youtube, Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Stand Out And Get Noticed, Episode 298

The Journal Writing Framework You Need For Transformational Growth & Self Compassion

In my chat with Christina Canters we talk about journal writing as more than just a rant on paper, but a powerful, intentional, transformative journal framework to support you in making actual positive changes in your life.  Christina is a regular journal writer and it’s wonderful to hear her experience of my process. 

Our goal for the episode is for you is to walk away feeling inspired to use journaling as a tool for powerful self reflection, which could very well lead to some amazing problem solving and radical transformation for you! (Spotify listeners, click here)

Resilient with Nadia Foti, Episode 5

The Mindful Journal: Unleashing Inner Wisdom With Ingrid Jones

In this episode, we chat about how to get started with journal writing. Practical and actionable steps are shared to incorporate it into your daily life. Beyond using journaling to express emotions, we talk about its role in deep self-reflection. By exploring what’s written, you can identify patterns, behaviours and emotions that can serve as valuable signposts for growth.  It was wonderful hearing the amazing insight Nadia gained after her first journal session with me. You can listen to the episode on Spotify