“The mind is everything.
What you think, you become”

– Buddha –

Last Saturday I started my journal community session by asking everyone to not think about a white bear.  If you haven’t already, try it for the next 10 seconds… 

I then shared a memory from a few years ago when visiting my friend Julie in Forster-Tuncurry.  We decided to go paddle boarding.  The sun was shining and the water was calm.  As we paddled our way back to shore, without a second thought, I announced “Whoever falls in first, buys the ice-cream.” 

Up until this point, neither of us had fallen in.  Within three minutes I saw my thoughts and words come to life.  Julie’s legs turned to jelly and the paddle board wobbled uncontrollably, until it sent her splashing.  In between all the laughter, I can report that the ice-cream was delicious! 

Remembering the story was inspired by the Happiness Lab podcast that my friend Magda told me about.  In episode 6, it talks about how our thoughts, the things we focus on and hold on to (even without realising it) creates more of the same in our life. Thinking takes up a lot of energy and writing down what’s on your mind gives your brain a break.  This allows you to discover new things about yourself which can then have a positive impact on different areas of your life, including your health and wellbeing. It’s worth the listen!

What’s great about this type of writing (journaling), is that you don’t just have to be stressed and overwhelmed to get all the goodness from it.  It’s works for everyone and meets you right where you’re at. 

Until next time, keep that white bear off your mind! 

With love,