“Celebrate your small wins.
Only you know how far you’ve come.”

– Unknown –

There’s been a whole bunch of changes for me in the last 3 months.  Some of them have been absolutely wonderful and others have been on the more challenging side of life.  Regardless of the outcomes, I knew it was time to celebrate just how far I’d come.

I realised that I don’t do this enough because although I wanted to celebrate, I didn’t actually know how I would go about it.  With a bit of reflection, an idea came to me and I spent the next few days looking forward to purchasing my celebratory gift. 

I arrived at the markets on a Friday morning and after choosing my bunch of flowers, indulged myself even more by answering “Yes” to the florist’s question, “Is this a gift?”

I was filled with an incredible amount of joy as she wrapped the flowers so beautifully for me.  That feeling didn’t leave me the whole way home.  Once they were in the vase, I couldn’t help myself and went one step further by putting on one of my favourite salsa tunes.  In my lounge room, by myself, I danced the entire song and loved every shimmy, shake and spin that I was compelled to do. 

Feeling so alive from this simple celebration, I had a feeling that there might be more to it.  Diving into a little research, I discovered three beautiful things that happen when you make time to celebrate.  It changes your psychology and physiology through the release of endorphins, it increases your confidence and helps you to be more present to enjoy the journey. 

When it comes to celebrating yourself, it doesn’t have to cost a cent or only be about tangible achievements.  Noticing your own personal growth and recognising that you’ve become kinder towards yourself is just as important as getting to the end of a project.

I hope you take a moment to recognise how amazing you are and celebrate yourself! 

With love,