“Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience”

– John Kabat Zinn –

In these last two weeks, I’ve felt very connected, which seems funny when I’m home all day long!  I’ve taken advantage of video catchups via zoom which includes surprising a friend for her birthday by dialling in a group of her loved ones, or the chaotic but fabulous whole family weekly catchup.  I’ve created a WhatsApp group for my apartment block.  Before that, we were like ships in the night.  Now, we’re all getting to know each other and providing any support or comic relief as often as it’s needed. 

I’ve also been getting other things in order, like giving each of my plants a name.  I’m not sure why I hadn’t done this before.  It’s a one-name-a-day plant policy because I feel like there’s no rush and so far, my leafy friends seem happy with this.

In taking advantage of this extra time at home, I’ve enjoyed slowing down, switching off the news and becoming more aware of my thoughts and emotions.  It’s become even more of a priority for me to be mindful and connect to my heart.  My journaling has been great for this as I explore whatever comes up.  I love being surprised by the insights that always unfold.    

What about you, what changes have you noticed within yourself lately? 

With love,