Journal Coach & Facilitator

I’m Ingrid, a journal coach with a primary school teaching background.  I created a journal writing process, Diving for Pearls in 2017.  I was going through a tough time and noticed that my journal writing was going around in circles.  I knew about the power of journal writing, but I was stuck.  I was missing a framework, a step-by-step way of processing my thoughts and emotions.  Once I changed the way I journaled, I started to see incredible benefits in my life and knew it was time to share it. 

At the beginning of 2020, when the first wave of COVID-19 swept into Australia, the community collectively experienced anxiety and uncertainty.  I wanted to help. 

The Journal Community was born, a safe place for people to be guided by a step-by-step journal writing framework as they embrace their emotions and learn from their experiences, find answers from within, while connecting with like-minded people. 

This community has evolved and includes both live sessions and guided videos.  It’s no longer about a pandemic, but ongoing wellbeing.  A place for people to be supported as they check-in, reflect and are inspired by their insights.  


Empowering and seeing people’s personal transformation never fails to amaze me.

I call these profound results ‘the shift.’ It’s what lights me up and inspires me to do what I do each day.

Coaching with me:

I coach in a unique way. I combine it with journal writing. 

First, we journal.  After that,  we move into the coaching part of the session. 


My step-by-step journal framework gives you a supported pocket of time to destress, welcome compassion and celebrates your growth.

Once you’ve reset and feel inspired from your own insights, you’re in the best frame of mind to connect with what you want and bring your goals and dreams to life.

Coaching can help you to…

  • Clarify your vision and direction
  • Understand your personal why’s and what it means to be authentically you
  • Build your self belief and confidence
  • Establish yourself by taking the steps needed to bring your goals to life
  • Develop the art of inner kindness
  • Become more creative, curious and solution focused in your approach to life
  • Embrace change and discover the possibilities available to you
  • Learn to trust yourself and follow your intuition
  • Bring more peace, laughter and happiness into your everyday life
  • Make your life more purposeful and meaningful
  • Transition out of your mind and into your heart

You’ll be supported with a unique approach that:

  • Provides the skills and tools to ignite your inner spark
  • Helps you gain clarity and direction in the changes you want to make
  • Guides, supports and inspires you to connect and enjoy the journey as you keep stepping forward
  • Is solution focused and tailored to your needs
  • Will have you smiling on the inside and outside

Private Journal Writing Sessions

Enjoy the benefits of individual or small group journal writing sessions.

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Coaching and private journal sessions

Sessions are an investment of $150

Discovery session

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“Journaling is paying attention to the inside for the purpose of living well from the inside out.”

– Lee Wise –