Hi, I’m Ingrid and for as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by happiness.  This curiosity has guided my own journey of personal growth and development.  I was lucky in that I gained my love of life masters from over 15 years experience as a primary school teacher.  I turned up to learn from the best and rediscovered life through the eyes of 5-12 years olds.

Rather than learning from one teacher, I had the benefit of a whole class of eager souls to keep me on my toes and show me the ways of the world.  I learnt to grow down to grow up, where absolutely anything is possible and laughter, play, carefree exploration, sparkling eyes and a natural excitement for the present moment is an everyday experience.

I’ve taken these gifts and incorporated them into my coaching since becoming an internationally certified life coach in 2010.

As a teacher, I’ve discovered that there’s not much difference between the way both children and adults learn.  Ideas need to be shared and broken down because change happens one step at a time.  A supportive, positive and encouraging environment is a must.  It’s important that being gentle, patient and kind with yourself is an everyday practice.  And above all, being present with a sense of fun and playfulness creates more happiness and joy for the journey.

With all this in mind, it’s exactly how I coach.  I believe that when you connect to self, to that feeling of being alive, you open windows of opportunity and have access to the clarity, wisdom, potential and guidance within you.  This is the food for your soul that enables you to live your life in purposeful, creative and inspired ways.

With love,

Ingrid xo