Self-Reflection With A Supportive Community

Personal Transformation Reimagined




Journal Writing

It’s so much more than good old venting

Be guided to journal with a step-by-step framework.

Calming, restorative, enlightening and healing.  It will transform the way you journal and celebrate personal growth. 

You don’t ever have to be afraid of the blank page again! 

With a step-by-step framework, the thinking is taken out of how to journal. You’ll be guided to get started with ease. 


Don’t know what to do once you’ve started writing? 

You are not alone!

Journaling is a highly recommended, therapeutic practice that often comes without any guidance. 

Whether you’re new to journal writing or a regular writer, this Diving for Pearls framework will guide you like a compass. It’s a tool for navigating the ups and downs of life. 

You have the answers within you.

When you journal on a regular basis, in an empowering way, you…

  • Reduce stress & ease anxiety
  • Build resilience & confidence
  • Sharpen focus & productivity
  • Inspire creativity
  • Nurture self-compassion, become kinder towards yourself
  • Lift your mood
  • Strengthen your relationships
  • Increase clarity, peace & joy


There’s so much goodness to be found within the Journal Community

This is a new kind of journal writing experience that combines a step-by-step guided process with an inspiring community.

Making time for yourself has never been easier or more important. 

Whether you want to de-stress, explore, expand, grow, heal, let-go, shift or understand something on a deeper level, you will be supported and nurtured with this process.

Surround yourself with inspiring people, journal on a regular basis and, there’s never any need to share what you write, your words always stay private! 

Journal with a guided framework and gain a skill for life!

Navigate life’s ups and downs with a step-by-step gentle, empowering, self-reflective tool.


Enjoy your no obligation free taster session as you try the Journal Community!

(Melbourne, Australia time zone)


9-10:15am (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Which means, it’s Friday afternoon in other places around the world!

Shop Journal Notebooks

These blank, lined notebooks are just the right amount of lovely that they’ll bring you joy to pick up and write in.  At the same time, they’re not too precious that you don’t get started (that’s so important when it comes to journal writing!). 

Each notebook has a dash of inspiration on the front cover and there’s a whole range of designs and colours to choose from. 

They’re a great way to treat yourself or surprise someone as a thoughtful gift.

Megan Porter
Megan Porter
Ingrid has a very pleasant and kind approach to her journaling method. She guides you step by step through each stage, giving you space to journal your feelings but also support to help you process those thoughts and emotions. I would recommend Ingrid’s coaching and workshops to everyone and anyone!
Beverley Woods
Beverley Woods
I found the session with Ingrid very helpful and helped me really think about what I wanted to focus on moving forward with my life. The structure of the journal writing process was very useful and allowed me to go deeper and clarified some issues in my life. Looking forward to keeping the practice up - 😊 Ingrid
Mark Warner
Mark Warner
Journaling? Simple, easy not really worth the effort yeah? WRONG. I have attended a few online journaling sessions and was thinking just those things. Until the day I looked up and there was Ingrid. This wonderful Life Coach is so in tune with where we are all at in our lives and takes journaling to a whole new level. Every week I am immersed in just one thing. Journaling. I find something I probably didn't realise about myself and my life each time. Ingrid's format and how she so kindly, gently & compassionately leads us to where we realise things about ourselves and our own journeys. We can dissect them and come up with answers for ourselves. I truly believe this is unparalleled. I wouldn't miss a weekly session with Ingrid and her group of beautiful souls for anything. Thank you from my heart Ingrid.
Dave Woods
Dave Woods
What a life changing experience! My first journal session with Ingrid was the beginning of a new way of connecting with myself. Diving For Pearls journaling is a simple but powerful exercise, it opens doorways and creates positive change in your life through a journey of self discovery.
Laura Parr
Laura Parr
Ingrid has built a wonderful, supportive and positive journal community in a short period of time - not easy to manage in an online environment. It is this online environment that makes it easy to join her weekly workshops, feel psychologically safe to contribute (if you choose), and journal in your own comfortable surroundings. Ingrid has developed a strategic and considered structure for her journal workshops - she very clearly outlines each step and guides you to uncover your own "hidden gems". A self-confessed "love bug", Ingrid fosters a welcoming, warm and supportive community where genuine friendships are formed. Thank you Ingrid!
Samantha Garrett
Samantha Garrett
Ingrid's Diving For Pearls journal process has been a wonderful support for me during the last 12 months. Right from the very first workshop I was able to use the process to uncover useful insights that fueled my personal growth. I quickly joined Ingrid's weekly journal community and have loved every session. She creates a beautiful space for us to explore what's on our mind and connect with others in the community. Ingrid, you truly has a gift for helping people through journalling, thanks so much for sharing it!
Julie-Ann Hudson
Julie-Ann Hudson
Journal With Ingrid has proven to be an important part of my life and I am constantly "surprised" at the power and achievement I feel from a journaling session. The structure and information in each session is top quality. Ingrid's leadership is professional and always friendly and I know that an important part (and one that I had underestimated) was being introduced to the inclusive and broad ranging members of her journal Community.
Aoife Mc Loughlin
Aoife Mc Loughlin
I love my journalling sessions with Ingrid! She never fails to inspire some new thought in me. Having the guided structure for journalling is so beneficial for me and helps keep me on task.I find the journalling so useful for unravelling my thoughts and easing anxiety. Thank you Ingrid! I never would have thought I would enjoy journalling so much.
Anne P
Anne P
Each journaling session, thoughtfully and sensitively led by Ingrid, takes me on a journey of self discovery. Sometimes challenging, sometimes comforting, sometimes magical, each session takes me down a path that lets me explore an aspect of myself. Every time I discover a gem for personal growth. The journaling community is so supportive and keeps things in perspective. Thanks Ingrid

“Journaling is paying attention to the inside for the purpose of living well from the inside out.”

– Lee Wise –